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Chris Pfaff moderates virtual panel – ‘Future of Interactive Streaming’ – at Streaming Media Connect

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Chris Pfaff moderated the virtual ‘Future of Interactive Streaming’ panel at the Streaming Media Connect, on Thursday, August 25, 2022.

The panel discussed the current state of real-time interactive streaming, and the challenges of scale. As ultra-low latency, real-time applications for sports,      e-sports, auctions, and betting gain traction, the future of real-time streaming may embrace a myriad of new applications that deliver on long-held promises of true interactivity.

Speakers on the panel included:

Darcy Lorincz, chief technology officer, Barrett-Jackson Auction Company
Emily Blodgett, head of production, Mainstream Media
Oliver Lietz, CEO, nanocosmos
Erdal Kilinc, CEO/co-founder, Deal Room Events

You can watch the entire panel at:

Chris Pfaff moderates virtual Streaming Media Connect session – ‘SVOD: It’s Not Dead Yet’

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Chris Pfaff moderated the scintillating ‘SVOD: It’s Not Dead Yet’ virtual session at Streaming Media Connect 2022 on August 23, 2022 with Evan Shapiro, from ESHAP; Jennifer Kent, from Parks Associates, and Paul Pastor, from Struum.

The session discussed the slowdown in subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services, which has led some pundits to declare that the first act of the “streaming wars” is now over. SVOD, though, is in the middle of creative and licensing challenges, and customer retention – in the wake of advertising video-on-demand (AVOD) services – remains challenging. The panel discussed the way forward for SVOD providers, both large and small.

You can watch the full ‘SVOD: Is It Dead Yet?’ session at:


Chris Pfaff moderates the virtual Streaming Media Connect session ‘From Small Things: How Niche Services Can Find Mainstream Success’

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Chris Pfaff moderated the Streaming Media Connect virtual panel – ‘From Small Things: How Niche Services Can Find Mainstream Success’ – on Thursday, February 17, 2022, a discussion on the growth in niche OTT services, with the followingexpert group of panelists:

  • Igor Oreper, vice president, solutions, Bitmovin
  • Paul Erickson, Director of Research, Parks Associates 
  • DeShuna Spencer, CEO/founder, Kweli
  • Marc DiLorenzo, CEO/founder, 2GTHR
  • Ajit Thakur, CEO, aha 
  • Damian Pelliccione, CEO/co-founder,Revry

You can watch the full panel on ‘From Small Things: How Niche Services Can Find Mainstream Success’ at:



Whether they’re defined by the type of content—science fiction, horror, romance—or the type of audience, niche services are the long tail of the OTT universe. But just because their audiences are limited doesn’t mean their revenue opportunities are. Partnerships with aggregators and “mainstream” services offer pathways to bigger viewership numbers, and innovative marketing approaches can turn small services into big successes.




Chris Pfaff moderates Streaming Media Connect Virtual Panel: ‘Connected TV Advertising: The Holy Grail?’ 

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Chris Pfaff moderated the Streaming Media Connect virtual panel – Connected TV Advertising: The Holy Grail?’ – produced by Streaming Media Magazine, on Tuesday, February 15, 2022, featuring the following speakers:

  • Kumar Subramanian, CEO,MediaMelon
  • Jessica Masters, director of East Coast sales,Roku
  • Aulden Kaye, director of advertising partnerships,Philo
  • Tal Chalozin, CTO/co-founder, Innovid

You can watch the full panel at:


OTT’s hottest new monetization strategy is CTV. It’s got everything: better reach, increased engagement, improved attribution, and unparalleled targeting. We examine how brands and OTT services can work hand-in-hand to provide the best viewing experience for consumers while delivering the most bang for the buck for advertisers.


Jessica Masters, Roku

Tal Chalozin, Innovier

Alden Kaye, Philo

Kumar Subramanian, MediaMelon

Chris Pfaff moderates ‘Live Events in the New Normal’ panel at Streaming Media Connect 2021 – August 26, 2021

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Chris Pfaff moderated the ‘Live Events in the ‘New Normal’ panel at the Streaming Media Magazine Connect event, on Thursday, August 26, 2021, with Bonnie Comley, CEO/founder of BroadwayHD; Fabrice Sergent, managing partner of Bandsintown Group, and Jordan Gremli, VP, artist development at DICE.

The panel discussed the return of live events to venues across the globe, yet the virtual live market – music, theater, dance – has been alive and well since the start of the pandemic, and will likely evolve into a hybrid model for venue owners, artists, promoters, and audiences.

You can watch the full panel at:

Bonnie Comley (upper left), Chris Pfaff (upper middle), Jordan Gremli (upper right), Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen (bottom left), Fabrice Sergent (bottom right)