What We Do

We help entrepreneurs and corporate innovators reach their goals. Tell their stories.
Elevate their brands. On a global basis.


Chris Pfaff speaking at Digital Hollywood Content Summit     At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain     Chris Pfaff with Estonian “Estopreneurs” at Garage 48 start-up hub in Tallinn, Estonia (2014)

Areas of Expertise

  • Mobile:
    Chris Pfaff has been working in the mobile industry since 1992, and has helped launch leading firms in the areas of mobile content, messaging, app development, app distribution, and location-based services in the US and globally since 2000
  • New Media/Social Media:
    Chris Pfaff produced the first short mobile films in 2002, helped establish some of the first 2nd-screen implementations in the US in 2005-2006, and helped produce the first Twitter Wall in 2011. Chris Pfaff is a founding member of the Producers Guild of America New Media Council
  • VR/AR:  CPTM works with leading producers of VR and AR content, including Felix & Paul Studios, and launched Verizon envrmnt in 2017. Chris Pfaff is a founder of the New York chapter of the VR AR Association (VRARA) and has been co-chairman of the Storytelling Committee of VRARA since 2018
  • E-commerce:
    CPTM works with leading e-commerce/m-commerce ventures globally
  • UX/UI Design:
    CPTM works with leading UX/UI design firms globally
  • Telecom:
    CPTM connects with mobile operators worldwide on behalf of clients. Chris Pfaff helped launch AT&T’s Internet services business, and launched more than 16 ventures from the Lucent New Ventures Group
  • Storage:
    CPTM has vast experience in optical and holographic storage; cloud storage; workflow and embedded storage
  • Broadcast:
    CPTM connects with broadcast networks, MSOs, and satellite operators worldwide on behalf of clients. CPTM works extensively with clients in the participation media, 2nd screen, and MCN space
  • Display:
    CPTM has worked with LCD, LED, haptic, and multitouch display and IC firms
  • Visual Effects:
    CPTM has vast experience in the 3D, visualization, and image synthesis industries
  • Content Recognition:
    CPTM has worked with leading content recognition and monitoring firms globally
  • Digital Video:
    CPTM has vast experience in the digital video industry, working with transcoding/encoding, on-demand, streaming, and processing ventures
  • Music/Audio:
    CPTM has worked with leading audio encoding, localization, and sound effects firms, and has vast experience in the global digital music industry