What We Do

We help entrepreneurs and corporate innovators reach their goals. Tell their stories.
Elevate their brands. On a global basis.


Chris Pfaff speaking at Digital Hollywood Content Summit     At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain     Chris Pfaff with Estonian “Estopreneurs” at Garage 48 start-up hub in Tallinn, Estonia (2014)

Areas of Expertise

  • Mobile:
    • Chris Pfaff has been working in the mobile industry since 1992, and has helped launch leading firms in the areas of mobile content, messaging, app development, app distribution, and location-based services in the US and globally since 2000
  • New Media/Social Media:
    • Chris Pfaff produced the first short mobile films in 2002, helped establish some of the first 2nd-screen implementations in the US in 2005-2006, and helped produce the first Twitter Wall in 2011. Chris Pfaff is a founding member of the Producers Guild of America New Media Council
  • VR/AR:
    • CPTM works with leading producers of VR and AR content, including Felix & Paul Studios, and launched Verizon envrmnt in 2017. Chris Pfaff is a founder of the New York chapter of the VR AR Association (VRARA) and has been co-chairman of the Storytelling Committee of VRARA since 2018
  • E-commerce:
    • CPTM works with leading e-commerce/m-commerce ventures globally
  • UX/UI Design:
    • CPTM works with leading UX/UI design firms globally
  • Telecom:
    • CPTM connects with mobile operators worldwide on behalf of clients. Chris Pfaff helped launch AT&T’s Internet services business, and launched more than 16 ventures from the Lucent New Ventures Group
  • Storage:
    • CPTM has vast experience in optical and holographic storage; cloud storage; workflow and embedded storage
  • Broadcast/Streaming:
    • CPTM connects with broadcast networks, MSOs, and satellite operators worldwide on behalf of clients. CPTM works extensively with clients in the participation media, 2nd screen, MCN, SVOD, AVOD, and FAST channel space
  • Display:
    • CPTM has worked with LCD, LED, haptic, and multitouch display and IC firms
  • Visual Effects:
    • CPTM has vast experience in the 3D, visualization, and image synthesis industries
  • Content Recognition:
    • CPTM has worked with leading content recognition and monitoring firms globally
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML):
    • CPTM has worked with a wide range of global AI/ML ventures in video understanding, audio/music search and tagging, and text-based AI
  • Digital Video:
    • CPTM has vast experience in the digital video industry, working with a wide range of transcoding/encoding, DAM, CDN, and workflow ventures
  • Music/Audio:
    • CPTM has worked with leading audio encoding, localization, and sound effects firms, and has vast experience in the global digital music industry