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Chris Pfaff moderates virtual panel – ‘Future of Interactive Streaming’ – at Streaming Media Connect

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Chris Pfaff moderated the virtual ‘Future of Interactive Streaming’ panel at the Streaming Media Connect, on Thursday, August 25, 2022.

The panel discussed the current state of real-time interactive streaming, and the challenges of scale. As ultra-low latency, real-time applications for sports,      e-sports, auctions, and betting gain traction, the future of real-time streaming may embrace a myriad of new applications that deliver on long-held promises of true interactivity.

Speakers on the panel included:

Darcy Lorincz, chief technology officer, Barrett-Jackson Auction Company
Emily Blodgett, head of production, Mainstream Media
Oliver Lietz, CEO, nanocosmos
Erdal Kilinc, CEO/co-founder, Deal Room Events

You can watch the entire panel at: