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Chris Pfaff Tech Media-CleverTap event at General Assembly packs the house during Internet Week New York

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On Wednesday, May 20th, in the middle of Internet Week New York 2016, CleverTap and Chris Pfaff Tech Media produced an event with some of the leading New York players in the mobile app space, including CleverTap’s own Arkady Fridman, as well as Al Jazeera Media Network’s Tian Chen; Cachette Group’s Ellie Cachette, and Rumble Fox’s Julie Andrews.


Julie Andrews, Arkady Fridman, Ellie Cachette, Tian Chen, and Chris Pfaff at ‘The Full Stack: Creating an App From Beginning to End’ at General Assembly, 05.18.16

Chris Pfaff joked that the crowd was gathered together to pay its respects, “with a 1.5 nanosecond moment of silence,” to Windows Phone, which had essentially been killed by Microsoft the day before.


Julie Andrews, from Rumble Fox, presents


‘The Full Stack: Creating an App from Beginning to End,’ assessed a wide range of issues connected with the design, development, maintenance and promotion of apps. Julie Andrews presented a case study that showed how Rumble Fox created a hybrid web-mobile app for the Health Management Academy that integrated with existing data systems and worked with an easily maintainable code base. Tian Chen showed the evolution of Al Jazeera America’s app, and discussed the decisions that forced design changes and overall structure of the app. Arkady Fridman showed the CleverTap dashboard and discussed the need for better app engagement with users.


Tian Chen, talks about Al Jazeera Media Network’s app


The crowd at General Assembly was comprised of 100 people, mainly tech and media professionals, many of whom were in the process of building an app, or planning an app. The panel discussion provided a range of topics, led by Chris Pfaff, that included forecasting an app’s performance; dealing with apps that never seem ready for primetime; the best tools to use for development and quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA); how brands view apps and how developers and designers need to consider overall brand touchpoints, and how to communicate with app users without overwhelming or annoying them through notifications.


Julie Andrews answers an audience question


This was the third CleverTap-General Assembly event in New York, and there is clearly a growing community for this kind of forum.



Arkady Fridman; Julie Andrews; Chris Pfaff; Tian Chen, and Ellie Cachette, after the event



Julie Andrews, Tian Chen, and Arkady Fridman, prior to the event


Tian Chen with Ted Iannuzzi, from Ixonos, after the event

Chris Pfaff Tech Media LLC and CleverTap present, ‘The Full Stack: Creating an App from Beginning to End,’ at General Assembly (902 Broadway, 4th Floor, NYC), Wednesday, May 18th, from 7-9 pm

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General Assembly Logo


Chris Pfaff Tech Media LLC and CleverTap will present an all-star panel discussion, ‘The Full Stack: Creating An App From Beginning to End,’ on Wednesday, May 18th, from 7-9 pm at General Assembly, 902 Broadway, 4th Floor, NYC.


Held during the middle of Internet Week New York, ‘The Full Stack’ features Rumble Fox’s Julie L. Andrews; Al Jazeera Media Network’s Soud Hyder; Cachette Group’s Ellie Cachette, and CleverTap’s Arkady Fridman. Chris Pfaff will moderate this session.
Come enjoy a drink (or two), and have the chance to win the Rowkin Mini BlueTooth Headset, the smallest stereo headset in the world (www.rowkin.com).
For the full invite, see below, or go to:
To RSVP for this free event, please go to:


Product Evangelist, CleverTap

Platform Lead, Al Jazeera Media Network

Co-Founder, Rumble Fox

CEO, Chris Pfaff Tech Media LLC

Founder & CEO , Cachette Group

About This Event

The app economy now demands more attention on the part of developers to the overall media flow, experience, and appeal of the app to mobile users. Developers need to be more than agile when considering how to engage and monitor the performance of their app; they need to look at the creative application of new technologies for a more playful audience. With the rapid pace of change in the mobile landscape, the app developer community has more tools and know-how to overcome feature obsolescence, and app-a-thetic response from users who now want more than just information, but something exciting.

Join General Assembly, CleverTap & Chris Pfaff Tech Media for a night of presentations & discussions from leading developers and app experts, including:

  • Arkady Fridman – Chief Evangelist, CleverTap
  • Soud Hyder – Platform Lead, Al Jazeera Media Network
  • Julie L. Andrews – Co-Founder, Rumble Fox
  • Chris Pfaff – CEO, Chris Pfaff Tech Media LLC
  • Ellie Cachette – Founder & CEO, Cachette Group

Come along for a drink (on us!) and have a chance to win a Rowkin Mini BlueTooth Headset — the smallest stereo headset in the world www.rowkin.com.

About the Presenters

Product Evangelist,

Arkady is the Product Evangelist and Business Developer at CleverTap based in New York City. He performs a wide number of growth hacking activities including media buying, lead generation, educational panel discussions, customer development, content development, and travels the US spreading the word about CleverTap. He developed and launched the TappedIn:NY video series featuring East Coast disruptive app entrepreneurs and app development companies. Arkady leverages his entrepreneurial and Adtech experience to guide startups and large enterprise companies globally by helping them leverage CleverTap technology to increase ROI and user engagement.

Platform Lead,
Al Jazeera Media Network

Soud Hyder is the Platform Lead for the Al Jazeera Media Network. He is responsible for stacking up mobile and video, as well as product and developer management, and dev ops management. He has helped lead Al Jazeera’s mobile presence, including the award-winning AJ+ product. He was previously with Questek and Ubitmo.

Rumble Fox

Julie is Co-Founder of Rumble Fox, a group of thinkers and builders who help companies harness digital to accelerate and grow their businesses. A mix of consultancy, design studio, and development shop, Rumble Fox improves operational excellence, employee effectiveness, and customer experience. Our clients include Hershey, Kaplan, Gilead, several start-ups, and mid-size firms embarking on digital growth plans.

Julie has an impressive track record of eliminating roadblocks and creating award-winning, best-in-class products. She is able to construct environments that foster collaboration among clients, creatives, and developers by combining the strengths of both production and account management.

Chris Pfaff Tech Media LLC

A former board delegate of the Producers Guild of America (PGA) New Media Council from 2006-2013; former PGA New Media Council vice chair, and former PGA Board of Directors delegate, Chris was one of the founders of the PGA New Media Council member in 2003-2004. He leads a consultancy – Chris Pfaff Tech/Media LLC – that represents some of the leading service providers, audio/video technology firms, networking vendors, and media companies in the world. A veteran of the start-up world, Chris helped launch more than 20 ventures from the Lucent New Ventures Group, including iBiquity Digital; Flarion; Lucent Digital Video, and GeoVideo Networks, among others. In addition, he has helped launch AT&T’s Internet strategy; the Viacom New Media division of Viacom, Inc.; Sony Electronics’ Digital Betacam format, and Sharp Electronics’ LCD product division, among others.

Founder & CEO ,
Cachette Group

Ellie Cachette is the Founder & CEO of Cachette Group, where she develops mobile applications. She was previously the vice president of product marketing for Koombea, where she developed channels for companies developing mobile products. Prior to this, she was the founder/CEO of ConsumerBell, an e-commerce SaaS start-up. She is the author of ‘Software Agreements for Dummies.