Miheer Walavalkar

Chris Pfaff moderates ‘Co-Watching: The Next Best Thing to Being There’ at TVOT LIVE! Spring 2021

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Chris Pfaff produced and moderated a killer session – ‘Co-Watching: The Next Best Thing to Being There’ on the growing industry trend of co-watchig at TVOT LIVE! Spring 2021, on April 26, 2021. Industry leaders, including Jonny Williams, COO, Sceenic; Miheer Walavalkar, CEO, LiveLike, and Wim Sweldens, co-founder/chief architect, Kiswe, joined the session.

You can watch the full panel at: https://youtu.be/R2ly-X-dl5w

Chris Pfaff (upper left); Jonny Williams (upper right); Wim Sweldens (lower left), and Miheer Walavalkar, LiveLike (lower right)


More than a decade after the “second screen” brought mobile users and TV content together, the co-watching era brings people together in a sync solution with live content. The live sports and entertainment industries have benefitted, during lockdown, from audiences not able to gather in sports venues, concert halls, festival venues, sports bars, or even in living rooms. This panel features some of the global leaders in the field of co-watching, who will discuss the technical and marketing challenges of launching and sustaining co-watching experiences.